Workplace Bullying

Preventing and Responding To Workplace Bullying

Everyone should feel safe and secure in his or her workplace, and preventing bullying and harassing behaviour is an essential component when it comes to creating a positive workplace environment.  The mental well-being of employees can be negatively impacted by bullying behaviour, which can have a profound negative impact on individuals and organizations.  Everyone, including employers, supervisors and employees, have a responsibility to take action against bullying and harassing behaviour to ensure a healthy workplace environment.  This entertaining and informative presentation, using our own real world examples and case studies of identifying and resolving bullying issues,  will provide participants with the following information:


Employee Module


Legal Requirements

Everyone in the workplace has a legal requirement when they are affected by bullying – this includes the employer, the target of the bullying, witnesses and supervisors.  Knowing your responsibly, and those you work with, is an important first step to preventing bullying in the work place.


The Affects Bullying Have On The Workplace

Sometimes the negative affects of Bullying can be quite obvious; other times it can be much more subtle and evolve over a long period of time.  This section will cover the personal and organizational affects of bullying in the workplace and strategies on what to do to overcome them.


What Is Bullying And Harassing Behaviour

We will help employees to understand what defines bullying and harassing behaviour; an important step to preventing it.  Also covered will be situations that may relate specifically to your organization.


What Is Not Bullying And Harassing Behaviour

An important distinction that all employees and supervisors need to know.  Appreciating and understanding the differences can help prevent misunderstanding and unnecessary conflict in the workplace.


What To Do When Bullying And Harassing Behaviour Occurs

When bullying occurs, it must be dealt with in an effective manner to ensure the needs of everyone affected are met.  This section covers what the target of the bullying, witnesses and supervisors must do.  In addition, we will provide compelling and empowering tools on how to manage, recover and move forward from a bullying situation.


Preventing Bullying And Harassment

Maintaining a healthy and respectful workplace is of utmost importance. Preventing bullying and harassing behaviour before it happens is an essential ingredient to maintaining a healthy workplace.  Key steps that an employer, employee and supervisors need to and should take to maintaining a healthy work environment are the focus.


Supervisors’ Module


When a case of bullying or harassing behaviour occurs, the manner in which the employer and/or supervisors responds could have a significant impact on an organization.  This could be profoundly positive or negative and be long lasting.   In addition to the above areas covered in the employee’s module, the supervisor’s module will address the following:


How To Address Bullying – Supervisor’s Perspective

As a supervisors and/or employer there are specific statutory responsibilities that require appropriate and timely action be taken to deal bullying or harassing behaviour. This will be detailed, and we will delve into personal and organizational strategies in overcoming bullying, and when bullying is reported the best practices to deal with it as a supervisor.  This includes documentation and interaction with the bully, the target of the bullying and other affected by the incident.


Investigation And Reporting Requirements And Strategies

In some cases, bullying behaviour can be dealt with quickly with limited reporting; however, in some cases a detailed investigation and reporting of the incident(s) will be required.   Managing these aspects of an incident, by utilizing practical and effective strategies and best practices, will be discussed.

While others in our industry seek out police endorsements, or advertise that they have or do work with law enforcement, "WE ARE" current or past law enforcement professionals, and bring this experience and pedigree to all our programs. There is a difference !!!



Seminar Length: 

2 hours 

With "Supervisor Module" 3 hours

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2hr Module Greater Victoria: Group rate $750.00 plus GST

3hr Module Greater Victoria: Group rate $850.00 plus GST

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