Total Awareness Personal Safety


This very popular two hour safety seminar is designed to provide participants with “Personal Awareness Strategies” that will help to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of violence or a street crime. Your presenter will be Chris Spargo. Topic areas covered in this seminar include:

  • Where will an attack most likely occur
  • Who is your attacker and why do they attack
  • Reducing the risks of being attacked
  • What an attacker’s primary tool is and how you can take this advantage away
  • How to increase your situational awareness
  • The six types of street interviews that an attacker will use to see if you are a safe target
  • Your 4 tactical response options to an attack
  • Why safety whistles, personal alarms and pepper sprays may not work to stop an attacker
  • Why you must never leave the primary crime scene and go with an attacker
  • What to do if attacked

Seminar Length: 

2 hours

Seminar Cost: 

Greater Victoria: $750.00 plus GST

Outside Greater Victoria: Please call for a Quote

Class Size: 


Prices listed reflect programs delivered in the Greater Victoria area.  For those who are interested in our programs outside of Greater Victoria, please contact us directly for a quote

This seminar is based upon our award winning Book, “Total Awareness”.  We bring several books to everyone of our safety presentations that we sell for $10.00

Total Awareness $10.00

A Woman's Safety Book

“Total Awareness: A Woman’s Safety Book,” is inappropriately titled; It should read “Total Awareness: A Safety Book for EVERYONE.” Although some of the topics are specifically directed towards women, this is an excellent and comprehensive awareness guide for everyone in the family. An educated and aware individual can avoid unnecessary trouble and misery in their life; and this book should be required reading in all schools.

The authors, Darren and Beth Laur are no strangers to the world of self-defense and safety awareness. Darren is a Sergeant with the Victoria Police department in Canada and specializes in safety awareness and self-defense strategies. He has trained all levels of law enforcement officers, both in Canada and the United States, and has written dozens of articles on the subject (we have published him three times). Beth Laur manages Personal Protection Systems, (a company she and Darren operate) and teaches many of their awareness and self-defense programs.

Although this book was designed to be used within the framework of Canadian law, its relevance is global. The United States is heading in that politically correct direction and much of Europe is already there. No matter where you live, the information in this book can save your life.

Total Awareness is packed with hundreds of interesting examples and useful tips. Besides addressing the everyday physical assaults we’re all familiar with such as: environmental awareness, muggings, sexual assaults, home invasions, and the law regarding self-protection; the authors also tackle the more unfamiliar territory of “Fraud Crimes.” These include bank and telemarketing fraud, Internet schemes, identity fraud and medical and home improvement fraud. The book also has very extensive sections on home and vehicle safety.

One of the many well thought out chapters examines “The basics…When You’re Confronted.” It reviews in detail: escapes, the importance of not leaving the primary crime scene, creating noise and attracting attention, et hoc genus omne. This is absolutely the latest and best thinking on the subject.

Total awareness covers more material than you thought possible in such a compact book. There’s no padding here so you don’t have to plod through lengthy paragraphs to educe the information. The book is written like a step-by-step guide with everything bulleted for easy reading. Realfighting will start using this book as an accompanying class text for The Realfighting Awareness Class. This book is a must-have !!!! 


Topics Covered Include:

Information on common sexual assault drugs (GHB and Roofies)

Date rape prevention

Home invasion prevention

Road rage prevention

Identity theft and other scams

Travel and hotel safety

How to target harden your residence and vehicle

Creating a safe room in your residence

How to choose a good self-defence course

Pepper Spray; its legalities and how to use it

Tactics you can use if confronted by the criminal who wants your property, body, or life

Who is the street predator, what are their tricks, and how you can defeat them

How to harness and embrace the emotion of fear and use it to your advantage

How to change from a threatened to a challenged mindset when in danger

The law specific to your rights to defend yourself

Plus much, much more

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