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Billy Bob Hornbuckle and Abby Scott

There are many things that can be taken away from the assembly on March, 9th, many of them things people didn’t know.The man who gave the presentation is known as Darren Laur if you didn’t catch it. He has been in the police force for over 27 years working to protect people from social media and solving crimes by the power of the internet. His presentation touched on a few key things for young people to make sure of while being online. Some of which were to never post your location, know that nothing is secure, and that once something is sent, it can never be fully deleted. Many students were very impressed and surprised by the assembly, Tate Hamlett is a senior and stated “it was really crazy everything he had to say and was informing yet entertaining at the same time.”  He was actually looking forward to the assembly unlike Zach Koeller who thought it was just going to be average but after stated “it surprised me how good it was and how informing it was too.” The assembly was divided into two different sessions, the first one was juniors and seniors and the second one was sophomores and freshman. Mackenzi Woodard a sophomore said  “I liked it, I thought it was smart to have.” When interviewing very few people did not like the assembly it was very mind blowing to all.  If you wish to know more visit his website at http://www.personalprotectionsystems.ca. Stay safe Panthers

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