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Sexualized Harm Reduction For Today’s Online Teens

A Presentation For Parents

This two hour parent/ caregiver presentation, is designed to bring awareness to those supporting children and teens when it comes to the threat posed by online pornography, and the online hypersexualization of our youth. The world our kids live in today, is complex and heightened when compared to the childhood we all remember. This presentation will not only help you gain the understanding of the developmental challenges surrounding online pornography, as seen by teens, but best equip you with the appropriate strategies to become your child’s best resource to combat this clear and present online threat. You will walk away with the tools to communicate effectively based on your teens behaviours, ages and stages; along with the ability to look for important warning signs. Our subject matter expert, and Licensed Therapist, Ginger Henderson, will guide this presentation on topics that include :

  • The effects of Hyper Sexual Images and our youth
  • What is Revenge Porn and its ugly realities ?
  • What is online Pornography and its risks ?
  • The adult content of some popular video games that parent don't know about
  • The teen brain (and how it works against them)
  • Emotional challenges of teens and why the porn industry target these challenges
  • Effective communication skills that parents can use immediately
  • Relationship building with your Teens, an important ally 
  • How to talk to your teens about Healthy Relationships and Sex
  • Sexting and its consequences
  • Parent monitoring options; should we or shouldn’t we ? 
  • Resources to help keep your kids safe online.
  • How to be your child’s best parent, not their best friend when it comes to technology and life
  • Plus much, much more !!!

Rather than speaking to this important issue ourselves, we decided to give it the professional spotlight it demands, thus why  we have added Ginger, a true subject matter expert, to our White Hatter Team. Ginger is both a mother, and a Licensed Therapist, who has the same passion as we do when it comes to keeping our kids safe online. Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowedge is power. Ginger gets it and will bring her passion, and an unmatched abilty to deliver the important information contained in this presentation, in an open and very honest way. Ginger’s Bio


Seminar Length:

2hrs, which includes a Q&A session at the end

Seminar Cost:

Greater Victoria: $650.00 plus GST

Outside Greater Victoria: Please call for a quote

Class Size:

Unlimited. We have presented to parent audiences as small as 10 to several hundred in size.

We Are Community Minded

Every year a portion of our profits are given back to the community to financially support two not-for-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping youth in need when it comes to bullying and suicide prevention; NEED2 and Bullying Ends Here.  We are proud of the fact that  "We are a for profit company, striving to do well, by doing good things for others in our community.” 

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