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Understanding Current Digital Technology, and How Businesses and Adults Can Help Manage Their On-Line Reputation and Reduce Risk


This session is designed to address the risks to organizations of all varieties from small businesses, non-profits, and corporations face in today’s digital environment. We explore tactics and methods of infiltration used by today’s cybercriminal while also providing methods of reducing this risk. From the most junior employee with limited access, to upper level management, every member of an organization is just as much a security asset as they are a risk if unaware of the threats. This program will provide participants with the necessary knowledge to start combating and identifying cyber threats in the workplace.

This session combines topics from all aspects of the security spectrum such as:

What is the internet and social networking

What are employees & clients doing online

Hardware and software protection issues

Cellphone, smartphone, and webcam safety

"Mobile" the new frontier for Internet access, social networking, and cybercrime

How to protect your digital dossier when it comes to reputation

Privacy concerns

Real-life case examples of internet/social media/technology misuse

How to secure your social network

Safe commerce

What is malware/ransomware and how to protect yourself from it

Who is the internet criminal & predator

How the cybercriminals use "social engineering" to build rapport to steal information

Actual social engineering examples 

Online reputation management

How what you do online can get you fired

Education is the first step in keeping employees and companies safer in this technology-driven world. Technology is only a tool, we can determine its function & value because it's a conscious choice to do so. Research has shown however, that without good digital literacy education it becomes more challenging for employees to make the right online choices. This presentation is designed to provide participants with proactive online "critical thinking" and decision-making strategies that they can immediately apply. Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowledge is power. Our seminar will provide the knowledge and information that adults, employees and businesses need to know about the internet and social networks, to stay safer and become more digitally literate, savvy and resilient, thus protecting personal and corporate information and infrastructure when online at home or at work.

We love the fact that we are "disrupting" how social media safety and digital literacy has traditionally been presented to corporate and private industry, which has garnered us some critics, especially from those who see us as their competition. Our approach to sharing our information on this topic is “different,” and very “current,” when compared to others in our industry, something that we are very proud of, and why our programs have received 5 awards. We love what we do, and how we do it!

While others in our industry seek out police endorsements, or advertise that they have or do work with law enforcement, "WE ARE" current or past law enforcement professionals, and scholars that bring this experience and pedigree to all of our programs. There is a difference!

Our work in the area of internet/social media safety was recognized with the prestigious 2013 Social Media Derek K Miller Award  (most inspiring social media user), for our unique work in the area of internet/social media safety both here in Canada and the United States. We are the only company in Canada, to be recognized by a very respected panel of independent North American Social Media Experts for our work in this area. In February 2017 The BC Government & Radius SFU awarded Brandon, with the 2017 BC Social Innovations Youth Award for his work and advocacy with youth, tweens, teens and adults in the areas of social media safety and digital literacy

Your presenter: Brandon Laur



If you are a business that finds it a challenge to provide a 2 training presentation or wanting something longer or more in-depth, then review our specific “Lunch & Learn” presentations: HERE


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Seminar Length:

2 hours

Seminar Cost: 

Greater Victoria: $750.00 plus GST

Outside Greater Victoria: please all for a quote

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We Are Community Minded

Every year a portion of our profits are given back to the community to financially support two not-for-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping youth in need when it comes to bullying and suicide prevention; NEED2 and Bullying Ends Here.  We are proud of the fact that  "We are a for profit company, striving to do well, by doing good things for others in our community.” 

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