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Keeping Safe in the Cyber World

At times you could have heard a pin drop. For two hours on Monday morning, senior students attended a special assembly on internet safety that was just as eye-opening for the adults in the room as it was for the kids. Presented by Personal Protection Systems Inc.—a company dedicated to teaching violence prevention, safety awareness and self protection strategies to men, women, children, businesses, corporations, government and schools—the talk provided information to help students stay safe when interacting in the cyber world.

Darren Laur, currently a Staff Sergeant with the Victoria City Police Department, and his wife, Beth started Personal Protection Systems in 1993. Darren is passionate about protecting the personal and emotional safety of youth on the internet. He is passionate about catching cyber bullies or, as he calls them, “cowards behind keyboards and smart phones.” And he is passionate about educating students to become good digital citizens.

His talk covered everything from how to protect your Facebook page to protecting yourself from “creepers” to how to preserve the integrity of your “digital dossier.” Timely information for students who, according to Darren, are “depending upon [the internet] more and more to conduct everyday life, which also includes the sharing of private and at times very sensitive information about ourselves with others online knowingly, and at times, unknowingly.”

A similar presentation was also made to Middle School students and Middle School parents earlier in March.



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