Ginger Henderson


Ginger Henderson


Ginger is a registered counsellor with ACCT, Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, and has a special interest in the online challenges surrounding youth developmental, emotional and psychological outcomes, specific to cause and effect of social Media and the Internet. Ginger has run her private practice in the Greater Victoria area since 2012, and has experience with a variety of therapeutic approaches and modalities. As a counsellor, Ginger finds great joy in providing authentic, compassionate, non biased and insightful support, as she journeys with her clients through a variety of challenges that they face. Ginger understands that our past has influenced our present, yet it need not dictate our future. Our life experiences, positive or negative, should be seen as building blocks for who we are today, and can be effective tools when creating who we would like to become tomorrow. Ginger believes that with individualized strategies and tools, support, and empathetic guidance, each individual has the ability to achieve the goals they so desire.


One of Ginger's most passionate roles is as a parent and family therapist. As a company we partner ourselves with knowledgeable professionals who want to support parents and teens to be as safe as possible online. Ginger, having parented two teens , understands many of the challenges surrounding the Internet and Social Media. She has taken a keen interest in working with families to help them cope with some of these difficult challenges.  Ginger will now be the lead in sharing the collaboratively created presentation “ Sexualized Harm Reduction For Today's Online Teens, A Parent Presentation”, to help parents and caregivers understand, prepare and help support their teens; the online generation.


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