Chris Spargo


Chris Spargo

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Chris brings a diverse and uniquely professional background to Personal Protection Systems, and will be the lead instructor for all of our workplace violence prevention safety programs.  As a police officer with over 28 years of experience, including 16 years with the Emergency Response Team (SWAT), Chris has been in a lead training role since 1998, where he has trained all levels of police service, from reserve constables to seasoned SWAT members, commanders, senior managers, school boards and government workers.   Chris is very well respected for his teaching and presentation skills, both inside and outside of policing, at both a local and provincial level. Chris also holds a certificate in Emergency Management.

Chris has known Darren for close to 30 years, and the uniqueness of that relationship, specific to training, is why we are so excited to have Chris on board. Chris is truly passionate about personal safety, and believes training should be realistic and relevant.  This makes Chris the perfect choice to continue the high training standards set out by our company.  Chris utilizes a direct and honest approach to training, including using humour and real world experiences to deliver his safety message.  Chris strives to make training enjoyable and memorable, and his wide breadth of experiences creates an environment that allows clients to learn from both his mistakes, and proven successes.

Chris has an extensive background in coaching various sports, especially football, where he coached at every local level. Chris has 3 children and in his spare time, he likes to stay active by doing yoga, hiking or going to the gym. To be honest however, when Chris has some down time, he will often be found somewhere on a local golf course with his friends, enjoying a game that he loves.

Chris facilitates all 3 of our “Workplace Safety Programs"

Managing Aggressive People

Responding To An Active Threat

Total Awareness Personal Safety 

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